Four Hairy Apes

One year at Junior High camp (about 1970), a couple of the counselors sang a song about Deacon Jones and his missionary expedition to bring salvation to the apes. For the last 10 or 15 years I have been seaching for this song and finally found it on the Mudcat Cafe folkmusic forum.

(James Leisy)

Deacon Jones was a religious man,
A missionary in a tropic land.
There he found some apes, Living just like apes
He taught them right and not to fight,
'Cause he was a religious man.

Four Hairy apes lookin' for them pearly gates,
Saved by the hand of Deacon Jones.
Four Hairy apes lookin' for them pearly gates,
Troddin' down that good old righteous road.

He took them apes to a revival hall.
He took 'em just as fast as they could crawl.
But they looked so much like apes,
The people called them apes,
And with a shout they threw 'em out,
But they never lost their faith at all. (Chorus)

The apes were lost in a cruel, heartless world,
But they journeyed forth with banners unfurled.
To their creed they tried to draw
Each and every ape they saw;
And overnight they converted to right
A thousand apes and a squirrel. (Chorus)

They organized the United Apes
And didn't allow no fear nor greed or hate.
But by and by they turned
To the human ways they'd spurned.
And it wasn't long till they all went wrong,
'Cept the four of them who never had strayed. (chorus)

Copyright 1961, by James Leisy Music, Portola Valley, California.

from Songs for Swinging Housemothers, by Frank Lynn (Oak Publications, 1961, 1963), page 52 - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.