Clyde and Mike have retired from the Chili Cook-Off, but here are some pictures from previous Chili Cook-Offs

The 2007 Heartburn Express and the Cornbread Caboose have chugged off into Chili Cook-Off history. Thanks to Reyes and his crew, we won 3rd Place for Best Chili (not bad out of 20 entries) and also won the Best Booth Award. This year's booth featured a 20 foot long steam locomotive, the PHM crew dressed in overalls, bandanas, and engineer hats to serve a great bowl of chili.

This year marks the end of the Clyde & Mike Show as we will be retiring from the Chili Cook-Off. It's been a great 7 year run with 6 People's Choice Awards and 5 Best Booth Awards, now it's time for someone else to step up to the plate. Many thanks to the PMH Foundation for their support over the years.

Here is a link to Chili Cook-Off pictures on Shutterfly, you can purchase picture online if you want, or save them to you computer and print them yourself. You don't need an account to see the picture, just click on "View Pictures"

Here is the promotional video from the Coffee Break.


2006 - Sir George's Dragon Chili. A 13 foot tall dragon reigned over the castle and the cast of knights, lords, damsels in distress, and a wizard served, cavorted, played chess, and tossed beanbags. A good time was had by all. PHM won the People's Choice "by an overwhelming margin".

2005 - Temple of Chili. Mayan themed booth featured a working waterfall. The kids enjoyed the electronic "Maze of Doom" and the Ulama game (played like basketball but using only your hip). We had the best chili (our opinion, not the judges') and fresh, homemade flour tortillas. The Jaguar King wore an inflatable muscle suit with a loincloth and a jaguar skin cape. The rest of the crew wore khaki explorer clothes and pith helmets. The soundtrack had authentic Mayan music recorded by Xavier Yxayotl, the Indiana Jones theme song, and jungle noises. The booth won the Best Booth award and the People's Choice award.

2004 - Pirates of the ChiliBean. Chili was served from inside a jail cell. Pirates and pirate wenches roamed the booth, playing poker, "forcing" young bilgerats to walk the plank, and giving away several hundred plaster pirate coins. The booth won the People's Choice Award.

2003 - King Kamehameha's Hot Lava Chili. Visitors walked past hand-carved tikis, a rock waterfall and across a rope bridge to enter the booth. Clyde and Mike were dressed as Big Kahunas in inflatable muscle suits with grass skirts, the rest of the crew wore matching Hawaiian shirts. The booth won the Best Booth award and the People's Choice award.

2002 - Monster Lab Chili. Clyde as a mad scientist and Mike as Igor presided over a booth filled with laboratory glassware, tubing, bubbles, and lots of dry ice. The booth won the Best Booth award and the People's Choice award.

2001 - Swamp Rat Cafe. Visitors used a curved wooden bridge to cross a swamp surrounded with cattails and filled with alligators to enter the bayou. The Swamp Rat Cafe was jumping with foot-stomping Cajun music that featured Clyde, Mike, and Troy Carpenter singing a rousing rendition of "On the Bayou". The booth won the Best Booth award and the People's Choice award. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.